The AHA should have sent you an email to follow and complete.

We have a GAME this SATURDAY at 6:10PM in HIGHLAND NORTH ARENA. for the time being until all the kinks are worked out, reply to this email as per your ability to play saturday. i have a rule that everyone has up to 24hours before puck drop to respond that you are playing or not. those that show up after without communicating may not suit up depending on need for bodies.

Next, jerseys. yes we are working on getting everyone their jerseys for our games, no, we will not have them by this game and probably not for a bit, so we will have jerseys for you for the time being. those that have theirs from previous seasons go ahead and bring those. we are AWAY for saturdays game so bring your darks for sure but bring whites too cuz i cant remember crap!

everyone for a rule of thumb, normal games show up no later than 30mins prior to suit up and get time to warm up. for saturday, i would like everyone there an hour early so we